How Millennials are Changing the Lending and Borrowing Landscape

Zoot Partner Clarity Services Shares Insights on Millennial Loan Behavior Written By Susana Walls Vice President, Marketing at Clarity Services So long baby boomers, hello millennials! [...]

Prequalification: It isn’t just for mortgages anymore

Prequalification has long been used in the mortgage arena to assist home buyers with understanding the dollar amount they could be eligible to borrow and the various mortgage options available to [...]


Costco/Citi Transition Trending Positive

After a rocky start, the transition from American Express to Citi for Costco co-brand credit card holders seems to be trending positive. That’s good news for consumers and a boon for the [...]


Costco, Citi Visa transition pains continue

Last week I wrote about the painful transition Costco customers are experiencing as the retailer’s relationship with American Express ends and a new co-brand partnership with Citi begins. [...]


Missed Opportunities in the Costco Transition to Visa Cards

It was big news last week as the Costco/American Express partnership came to an official close. It’s an even bigger headache for Costco customers who have not received their replacement cards [...]


Will community banks suffer from technology shortcomings?

How long should it take to add your spouse to your bank account? A few minutes seems reasonable to me. However, it took one full hour to accomplish this simple task at my local community bank [...]


Banking in the cloud – Is it for the birds?

Consumers’ use of technology—from mobile to wearables—is driving change across many industries as businesses adapt to how their customers want to engage with them. For some time now, financial [...]


Rethinking the Automation of Loan Underwriting

For years, banks have been automating inefficient steps in loan underwriting. Over time, more aggressive institutions have been able to automate the majority of the process—some have even been [...]


The Return of the Financial Advisor: Giving More than PFM

Personal Financial Management (PFM) Systems have been fairly widely deployed, but only a few banks have surpassed 10% adoption. Some institutions have the most desired features incorporated into [...]


Mobile First: Banking Innovation in the Age of the Smartphone

During the early design stages of the original iPhone, Apple had narrowed down the user interface to three options; a traditional screen and physical keyboard, a click wheel-centered design [...]

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