Prequalification: It isn’t just for mortgages anymore

Prequalification has long been used in the mortgage arena to assist home buyers with understanding the dollar amount they could be eligible to borrow and the various mortgage options available to [...]


Innovation and Evolution: Key to Successful Technology Solutions

Innovation has been top of mind for Zoot since the day we opened our doors in 1990. Our philosophy is to apply what we’ve learned in the past to the challenges of the present in a constant [...]


The Myth of the Underbanked

Mainstream media often defines the underbanked as consumers who have a checking account and use pay day lenders (or other non-bank entities) on occasion, or as consumers who use prepaid cards but [...]


The Return of the Financial Advisor: Giving More than PFM

Personal Financial Management (PFM) Systems have been fairly widely deployed, but only a few banks have surpassed 10% adoption. Some institutions have the most desired features incorporated into [...]


Providing Purpose for Bank Customers

At a recent financial industry conference one of the presenters commented that he’s always surprised when people say that the purpose of a business is to make money. While making a profit is [...]


Customer Data: Use It or Lose Them

This has certainly been the year for big data hype. With the volumes of data banks have about their customers the biggest challenge seems to be discovering the most efficient way to boil it down [...]


Offer Optimization: From the Whiteboard to the Real World

Banks are seeking to optimize their customer acquisition efforts to meet their strategic goals. Whether the goal is to improve profitability, reduce risk exposure, outperform competitors, [...]


To Grow their Auto Loan Portfolios, Lenders are Taking Instant Prescreen for a Test Drive

Instant prescreen—the process of pre-approving consumers for a credit product and presenting a product offer in realtime—has long been a staple of the traditional banking cross-sell approach. [...]


Would You Turn Down Free Money? Your Card Acquisition Strategy Might.

There is heavy competition in the credit card market today for the highest credit-quality customers—so much so that one industry CEO likened acquiring new customers to a knife fight. Rewards [...]


Offers, Offers Everywhere, How to Drive Acceptance

We all receive those credit card offers by mail that proclaim balance transfers at zero percent interest, a free airline ticket just for signing up, cash back on all purchases, platinum status [...]

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