How Millennials are Changing the Lending and Borrowing Landscape

Zoot Partner Clarity Services Shares Insights on Millennial Loan Behavior Written By Susana Walls Vice President, Marketing at Clarity Services So long baby boomers, hello millennials! [...]

Blockchain: What’s Next? Protection for Titled Assets

Blockchain.  It seems to be the hottest buzzword in our industry right now.  But, what is blockchain?  Nobody can really define it clearly.  But hundreds, maybe even thousands have tried. [...]

A message from our CEO as Zoot celebrates 25 years in business

I’ve told the history of our company countless times over the years. While it is a fun story to tell from a basement startup to what Zoot has become, that isn’t the main message I want to share [...]

2015: The year banks take back banking

It has been 25 years since I started Zoot in the basement of my home. Back then some of the most innovative banks were looking for unconventional solutions that would make their businesses [...]

The Power of Simplicity

Every once in awhile it is a good thing to remember where you came from, where you are going and what it takes to get there. Recently I spoke to a group of new employees during their orientation [...]

Gaining Perspective from Transformational Leader President Clinton

President Clinton recently gave a keynote speech at a financial industry conference in Chicago. It was incredibly inspiring particularly given this time of constant change and despair in [...]