Innovation and Evolution: Key to Successful Technology Solutions

 In Cross Sell, Data Acquisition, Instant Decisioning

Innovation has been top of mind for Zoot since the day we opened our doors in 1990. Our philosophy is to apply what we’ve learned in the past to the challenges of the present in a constant evolution. Our clients’ needs truly drive our solutions—and an ever changing landscape pushes us to further the depth of our tools and services.

Traditional work weeks and shopping hours have gone by the wayside as the digital movement progresses. Everything in today’s environment is 24/7. Financial institutions (FIs) need to be able to sell their products anywhere, at any time and have the capacity to weather bursts in volume from events such as Black Friday, Super Bowl advertisements, and other special promotions.

These factors place an even greater emphasis on the key elements universally recognized as critical to the success of all financial industry technologies: speed, agility, security, and availability. Throughout the last 25 years Zoot’s innovative tools and services have met these challenges for our clients and we continue to advance our tools and services to meet their demands.

You might only have one chance to get a financial product into a customer’s hands before they decide your competition can do it better—whether that is another FI or a fintech startup, the competition is fierce. That’s why we provide a service configured by tools that create solutions our clients use. This gives FIs the speed and agility to enter new markets and apply business strategies in a timely manner.

Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is promoting its public cloud computing services to some of the largest FIs in the world. The benefits, they say, of renting their servers include: extra capacity for surges in credit-card usage (such as Black Friday), support of mobile-banking apps, and continuous functioning throughout natural or other disasters. Zoot’s distributed services have been operating in a private cloud for 20 years, offering these very benefits with the security our clients require.

A distributed environment provides built in redundancy and scalability. No matter the size of your institution, failing over is simply unacceptable if it delays your processes—especially when customers are ready to apply for a loan or open an account. Being distributed means everything continues as if nothing happened, without interruption. Our infrastructure is in place to meet the everyday demands of our clients as well as the special promotions that can drive a half a million transactions or more at any given time.

Availability is critical, but so is giving customers immediate decisions. Point-of-sale data acquisition provides the ability to facilitate real time decisioning and deliver the product that best fits a customer’s profile.  Zoot is connected to nearly 100 global data and service providers, giving our clients access to the information they need to make the best lending decisions and even cross-sell additional products.

Finally, Zoot’s tools and services are fully integrated with browser, mobile, and desktop to address the anytime, anywhere digital environment we live in.

Zoot can truly say; we’ve got you covered. You can bet we are working on the next phase of our development to ensure we always do.

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