Instant Decisioning


Long credit approval processes slow the sales cycle while opening the door for competitors. Zoot’s instant decisioning solution is a fully automated, easily integrated, end-to-end workflow – with decisioning outcomes emerging as quickly as your business requires them. Our decisioning solution can help negate the need for lengthy, manual credit-application assessments, and reduce costly inefficiencies in the decisioning process.


Our instant decisioning solution can help you:

  • Accurately decision and price each credit offer
  • Reduce risk and provide personalised, instant credit decisions
  • Significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs
  • Quickly take advantage of new markets and channels
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and address consumer and legal inquiries
  • Provide a seamless customer experience
  • The depth and breadth of Equifax data combined with Zoot’s world-class infrastructure makes for a powerful solution.

    Brad Jones Retail Banking Leader, Equifax

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