Leeds, UK / Frankfurt, Germany / St Gallen, Switzerland / Bozeman, USA – July 31, 2018 — Zoot announce they have won a National Technology Award for its Enterprise Origination Solution. The judges selected the deployment of Zoot’s enterprise solution to a major motor finance provider as the winner of “Best Enterprise Project”.

Zoot’s award-winning platform is a unique innovation with one single enterprise level origination platform supporting multiple products in multiple countries. Such a solution is unparalleled in the motor finance industry. Zoot’s solution maximises auto-acceptance while performing robust risk, AML and fraud checks to optimise profitability. The system reduces third-party data costs and ensures the fastest possible market reaction time with a patented real-time change tool. The origination solution reduces reliance on constrained IT staff by providing direct control of the application process to business-users which facilitates fast and effective change, including the integration of data sources and the subsequent management of data and policy to smooth geographic peculiarities. The solution ensures the best risk management practices possible by enabling highly sophisticated identity verification and credit risk strategies. In addition, affordability checks involving complex income/expenditure calculations provide a transparent view of over-indebtedness.

Adam Jackson, Zoot’s Managing Director, said: “The motor finance industry is going through a period of significant technological change driven by the need to digitalise and modernise legacy systems. We couldn’t be happier our unique service has been acknowledged by industry experts. We have invested heavily in our enterprise level technology in order to give our clients a competitive edge, we are honoured to have the respected judges recognise not only Zoot’s significant investments but also the collaborative achievement of both the client and Zoot teams.”

Jackson added, “The opportunities that Zoot’s origination solution provides for lenders is vast, and we look forward to helping more of our clients realise the benefits of deploying cutting-edge origination strategies covering multiple products and countries from within one solution.”


About Zoot

For over 27 years, Zoot Enterprises has been a global provider of advanced origination, acquisition, and decision management solutions. Its customer-centric tools and services enable Zoot’s clients to add value and differentiation, while providing nimble, scalable solutions to specific business objectives. A leader in the fintech industry, Zoot’s cloud based secure processing environment delivers millisecond real time decisions accessing hundreds of cutting edge data sources to help reduce risk and increase conversions. The company’s international client base includes major financial institutions, retailers and payment providers.  Zoot – From Data to Decision. For more information, please visit www.zootsolutions.eu In the UK call +44 113 2468693. In Germany call +49 69 405667715.


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