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Zoot, a leading provider of advanced instant credit decisioning and loan origination solutions, announced the release of announced the release of zOriginateSM loan origination solution (which replaces the Kairos loan origination system) at the 22nd Annual Card Forum and Expo in Orlando, Fla.This solution is an industry first that embraces a tools and services architecture within an ASP environment. zOriginate provides users maximum control and flexibility over the application, enabling businesses to implement an ideal system regardless of technology capabilities and resources.

“The updates to Zoot’s loan origination solution allow us to directly manage the path and flow of the application from beginning to end, where previously our level of control was over the decisioning portion. The ability to make changes on our own across the entire origination process allows us to control our own destiny,” said Sherry Hartwig, vice president credit risk for World’s Foremost Bank issuer of the Cabela’s Club Visa. “Zoot has a comprehensive set of tools with testing and editing functions that support our loan origination functions and help us achieve our business objectives efficiently. Because of our relationship with Zoot and the technology behind the scenes we have been able to implement many innovative projects related to our credit card product.”

zOriginate is the first origination solution that provides both thin client and web application interfaces controlled through the same design tool. This provides users the flexibility to render customer facing web screens and powerful internal interfaces without coding. With zOriginate Zoot clients are now able to implement best business practices to address specific points of pain instead of adapting their processes to fit the parameters of the solution. The solution gives business users direct control over the loan origination process including; adding new data sources, setting up decisioning rules, adding additional disclosures, changing page layouts and creating queues.

“zOriginate stands apart from other loan origination solutions in the market because it incorporates a comprehensive tool set that allows our clients to have complete control over data acquisition, data aggregation, decisioning, scoring, workflow, and conditional execution of processes through one interface,” said Tom Johnson, vice president of product development for Zoot Enterprises. “It is extremely inefficient to manage all of these steps in different solutions, with different rules. The release of zOriginate comes at a time when lenders need to be able to adapt quickly to changes in compliance regulations, consumer behavior and the economy in general. Our goal is to remove as many of the constraints to effective loan origination as possible. zOriginate enables our clients to implement their best, most efficient practices for all types of lending products.”

Zoot’s zOriginate sets a new standard in the industry for reliability, flexibility and synergy of loan origination processes. Many of Zoot’s clients have achieved remarkable improvements in efficiency and new levels of service to their customers through the process enhancements provided by zOriginate and Zoot’s supporting tools and services.

For more information about upgrading loan origination systems, view the on-demand Webinar, “Modernize Origination Before Your Competitors Do: Top 5 Initiatives to Increase Lending Profitability”.

About Zoot
Bozeman, Mont.-based Zoot provides comprehensive credit decisioning, loan origination and credit risk management solutions to enable clients’ unique business objectives, leading to long-term relationships with top U.S. banks. Zoot’s rapid, high-volume processing environment has the capacity to process billions of transactions per year. Visit or call 406.556.7555 for more information.

Editor’s Note
zOriginate was featured in Mercator Advisory Group’s March 2010 report “Credit Account Origination Systems, Vendor Review: Beyond Cards.” Director of Mercator Advisory Group’s Debit Advisory Service, Patricia Hewitt stated, “As we’ve seen in other segments of the payment card industry, solution providers have not been standing still waiting for the market to tell them what to do. Almost every company we spoke to for this report has or is undergoing major new version updates to their existing systems and/or announcing new product alliances.”

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