Instalment Loans Solution

The Zoot solution delivers a platform for sophisticated risk and affordability assessment of borrowers. Rapidly executed segmented strategies for quotations and final decisions will increase your take-up rate and cross-selling strategies will deepen your customer relationships.

For more complex applications fully integrated case management will ensure that your skilled team is used most effectively to make the final decision quickly for the customer.

Having all of the lending process in one place also gives access to comprehensive monitoring and reporting, ensuring managers understand what is happening in the operation minute by minute.

Solution Brochure

With the sophistication and agility of strategy implemented within Zoot, our solution lets you transform regulatory compliance from a business overhead to giving you competitive advantage, for example, by delivering a better customer outcome. Such strategies, including optional access to Open Banking data, allow you to precisely tailor the loan offer to specific customer circumstances.

This can include employing risk-based pricing or making alternative loan offers that meet affordability criteria or provide alternative repayment options. For referred cases, integrated communications throughout the process keeps customers informed and up to date on progress ensuring a positive experience.

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