Streamline the User Experience with Mobile Carrier Data

The entire world has gone mobile—from millennials to grandparents. Consumers want to pay their bills, buy a great pair of shoes and take care of day-to-finances on the morning subway commute or [...]


Instant Prescreen Demand is Driving New Capabilities

Instant prescreen has been around for more than two decades. This highly effective approach to customer acquisition and cross-sell has new innovations that further enhance its value to financial [...]


The Disruptive Potential of Personalization in Banking

At the recent CBA Live conference in Washington D.C., the attendees were treated to a keynote session that featured five thought leaders making the case for five different forces that they [...]


Building Attributes? Start with the Right Data

In a previous blog, I talked about how attributes are the cornerstone of decisioning policy and creating a centralized approach to attributes across all lines of business and channels is [...]


The Rise of the Attributes

It started subtly, but has been gaining momentum in recent months. Attributes, once obscure and little understood, are becoming more common and integral in lending processes. [...]


To Grow their Auto Loan Portfolios, Lenders are Taking Instant Prescreen for a Test Drive

Instant prescreen—the process of pre-approving consumers for a credit product and presenting a product offer in realtime—has long been a staple of the traditional banking cross-sell approach. [...]


Is Private Label Making a Comeback?

For a while, private label cards seemed to be the punch line for many jokes; Target wouldn’t be down 41% if they weren’t trying to be a bank. And yet, as seasons change so do the jokes. Today, [...]


Would You Turn Down Free Money? Your Card Acquisition Strategy Might.

There is heavy competition in the credit card market today for the highest credit-quality customers—so much so that one industry CEO likened acquiring new customers to a knife fight. Rewards [...]


Managing Credit Card Risk in the Golden Age of Regulations

The nature of credit risk management in the credit card industry has changed. The current regulatory environment has put financial institutions in an interesting bind. On the one hand, credit [...]


Underwriting Small Business Merchants: Seeing Risk More Accurately

According to a recent study, difficult economic times can spur greater entrepreneurship. The study, conducted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, found that a majority of the largest, most [...]

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