Projected Trends: Financial Industry 2016

As a companion to our 2015: Year in Review post, we’ve synthesized some of the trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the financial industry in 2016. This year’s predictions include topics [...]

Forget Big Data, Little Data is the Big Deal

Big data is a nebulous topic. There has been much hype about the subject over the past several years. While it is a difficult task for financial institutions to tackle, there are ways to find [...]

The Disruptive Potential of Personalization in Banking

At the recent CBA Live conference in Washington D.C., the attendees were treated to a keynote session that featured five thought leaders making the case for five different forces that they [...]

Customer Data: Use It or Lose Them

This has certainly been the year for big data hype. With the volumes of data banks have about their customers the biggest challenge seems to be discovering the most efficient way to boil it down [...]

Big Data in Banking – Demystified

There is a lot of discussion about big data these days, and along with it, the 3 V’s; velocity, variety, and volume. But I get two major questions from bankers I talk to on the subject. First, [...]