Attributes: The Cornerstone of Sound Credit Policy

You’ve heard the term cornerstone before, right? The word comes from the concept of setting the first stone in the construction of a masonry foundation. It is the most important “brick” since it [...]

From Prussia with Love: Agility as a Competitive Advantage

In 1806, at the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, the Prussian Army got crushed by Napoleon. Using carefully planned and flexible troop dispositions, Napoleon was able to run circles around the slower [...]

Origination Automation: Is There Low Hanging Fruit?

In a recent CEB TowerGroup webinar industry analyst Frank Bria stated that all the low hanging fruit of automation has already been accomplished. In a sense, this is certainly true. Banks have [...]

Bringing ROI back to Originating Private Label Credit Card Accounts

Private label credit card originators face a challenge. They manage credit card portfolios that must meet overall risk management goals, yet each brand in their portfolio has unique requirements [...]

Well that didn’t work! What’s next for DDA and debit account fees?

Now that Bank of America has reversed its position on charging customers a fee for using their debit card and early adopters of monthly debit fees like SunTrust have also backed down, banks are [...]

The Difference between Free Checking and a Demand Deposit Account

Since the Reg E restrictions on overdraft were announced, speculation has run rampant about the future of free checking—in fact, the future of all DDA accounts. Many speculate that free checking [...]