Prequalification: It isn’t just for mortgages anymore

Prequalification has long been used in the mortgage arena to assist home buyers with understanding the dollar amount they could be eligible to borrow and the various mortgage options available to [...]


Costco/Citi Transition Trending Positive

After a rocky start, the transition from American Express to Citi for Costco co-brand credit card holders seems to be trending positive. That’s good news for consumers and a boon for the [...]


Costco, Citi Visa transition pains continue

Last week I wrote about the painful transition Costco customers are experiencing as the retailer’s relationship with American Express ends and a new co-brand partnership with Citi begins. [...]


Missed Opportunities in the Costco Transition to Visa Cards

It was big news last week as the Costco/American Express partnership came to an official close. It’s an even bigger headache for Costco customers who have not received their replacement cards [...]


Unleash your inner Bond with biometric authentication

Use of biometrics is popular in Hollywood movies to create drama and suspense when spies attempt to raid a Swiss bank safe or invade a Russian nuclear plant. Palm print readers and iris scans [...]


Golden opportunities in the EMV rollout

EMV, is anyone tired of hearing about it? Perhaps we just haven’t heard what consumers need to know. You can’t attend a financial industry conference or read any banking publication these days [...]


There’s no sense of urgency for EMV – even as the liability shift hits

The EMV liability shift happens today. Yet there’s no fanfare that tells the world we have finally arrived. In fact, as predicted most U.S. merchants and card issuers aren’t prepared and those [...]


The Integration of Disparate Apps for ID, Payments and Tickets

With all the different apps available to hold ID, credit cards, and airline tickets, we haven’t yet achieved the convenience that consumers desire for a complete digital wallet. Progress is being [...]


When Worlds Collide: Customer Expectations Meet Mainframe Experience

The quick pace of change in technology is hard for any institution to keep up with, particularly as customers become more reliant on mobile devices. Bank infrastructure is built to be secure and [...]


To EMV or not to EMV…Will Alternative Payments Take Precedence?

In the past few months the already-hot payments industry has been put in an unfavorable spotlight.  Because of the magnitude of the recent data breaches at several major retailers the payments [...]

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