Want to differentiate your bank? Change the payments conversation.

If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing Arkadi Kuhlmann speak, you know he is not only entertaining but full of practical insight. In 1996, he introduced consumers to direct, branchless [...]

Innovation and Evolution: Key to Successful Technology Solutions

Innovation has been top of mind for Zoot since the day we opened our doors in 1990. Our philosophy is to apply what we’ve learned in the past to the challenges of the present in a constant [...]

Financial industry outlook 2016: Innovation will find its way back

Over the past several years as banks focused on staying in compliance with myriad new regulations, innovation slowed—nearly to a standstill. In 2015, I predicted it would be the year banks took [...]

Banking in the cloud – Is it for the birds?

Consumers’ use of technology—from mobile to wearables—is driving change across many industries as businesses adapt to how their customers want to engage with them. For some time now, financial [...]

Banking on a Winner: Fostering innovation to compete in today’s financial environment

Athletes work on their sports knowledge and skills every day, for weeks, months, and years as they hone their craft. Their strategy is to develop such strong muscle memory that when they are in [...]

Forget Big Data, Little Data is the Big Deal

Big data is a nebulous topic. There has been much hype about the subject over the past several years. While it is a difficult task for financial institutions to tackle, there are ways to find [...]

Mobile First: Banking Innovation in the Age of the Smartphone

During the early design stages of the original iPhone, Apple had narrowed down the user interface to three options; a traditional screen and physical keyboard, a click wheel-centered design [...]

When Worlds Collide: Customer Expectations Meet Mainframe Experience

The quick pace of change in technology is hard for any institution to keep up with, particularly as customers become more reliant on mobile devices. Bank infrastructure is built to be secure and [...]

Machine Learning Can Reduce Fraud Risk and Improve Profitability

The digitization of financial transactions and growth of mobile banking have tremendously increased the amount of information banks need to evaluate for fraud. This presents new challenges to [...]

What’s the relationship between profit and customer experience in price optimization?

While price optimization is a powerful tool, it can’t do everything, at least not yet. Enhancements are opening new doors. For example, until now, banks have only been able to set pricing models [...]

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