Customer experience challenges in the EMV rollout

There are numerous examples of EMV gone awry as the roll out, rolls on. Secure for card-present transactions, yes, seamless, no. On a bustling pre-holiday evening during a crowded Christmas [...]

2015: Year In Review

As we approach the New Year, industry analysts and financial experts are rushing to publish their predictions for 2016. Before fixing our gaze entirely on the future, let’s review the trends that [...]

Does your bank own its customers?

The Internet has changed the way we shop, pay our bills, communicate, and so much more. Its impact on the supply chain is undeniable. The mobile movement is changing the game again. There is a [...]

Using Customer Pain Points to Drive Bank Innovation

Mobile is rolling out faster than anything ever has in the financial industry. This is due to necessity (consumer demand) and an understanding that there is a great deal of competition from the [...]

Mobile First: Banking Innovation in the Age of the Smartphone

During the early design stages of the original iPhone, Apple had narrowed down the user interface to three options; a traditional screen and physical keyboard, a click wheel-centered design [...]

2015: The year banks take back banking

It has been 25 years since I started Zoot in the basement of my home. Back then some of the most innovative banks were looking for unconventional solutions that would make their businesses [...]

Providing Purpose for Bank Customers

At a recent financial industry conference one of the presenters commented that he’s always surprised when people say that the purpose of a business is to make money. While making a profit is [...]

Creating a Cutting Edge Digital Experience

Banking is becoming digital. Just as bank branches need to look good and provide great customer service to instill consumer trust, bank apps need to look good on mobile devices and provide a [...]

How to Encourage Adoption of Mobile Banking

Bankers can no longer deny the shift towards mobile banking. Because of this, many are integrating mobile banking services into their technology, but are left wondering how to encourage customer [...]

The Power of Simplicity

Every once in awhile it is a good thing to remember where you came from, where you are going and what it takes to get there. Recently I spoke to a group of new employees during their orientation [...]

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