Agile and configurable technology

With its agile and configurable technology Zoot has been delivering billions of consumer lending decisions annually. Showcasing this capability and our many years of consumer lending experience, we have developed an all-in-one digital consumer lending solution. 

It incorporates the functionality needed to implement a modern and future-proof origination system to improve efficiency of existing operations and support the launch of new products into an increasingly competitive market. The base solution can be configured to meet the needs of the key sectors in the non-revolving unsecured market; instalment loans, retail finance and BNPL.

Each uses state of the art components including a customer-centric application journey, a data gateway, decision engine and case management to deliver fast, reliable decisions. These components interact seamlessly out-of-the-box doing away with the build and maintenance of additional unnecessary interfaces. As a result, the end-to-end solution can be implemented and updated rapidly and cost-effectively.

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Designed with the principle of composable modularity, individual components (such as the data gateway) can be implemented to deal with immediate business needs, providing a future route to a more comprehensive, fully integrated solution. Compare this with the increased time and cost of the alternative of pulling together multiple systems, not designed to work with each other, and the benefits are clear.

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Overall our solution will help you achieve more in less time with less effort and cost, allowing for highly efficient operational management and future strategic change.

  • Innovate rapidly and remove constraints on growth
  • Constantly improve the customer experience
  • See regulatory and market change as a catalyst to achieve competitive advantage
  • Give your teams full control over the entire lending process
See the solutions

Zoot Benefits

  • Speed and quality of lending decision constantly improving
  • Fully integrated user interface and Case Management
  • Faster access to better data and services (including machine learning)
  • Low-Code, Low-Integration
  • Sophisticated data management
  • Composable Modularity
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