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While much is uncertain about future regulations affecting the financial services industry, we can be sure regulatory demands will increase. When it comes to meeting compliance requirements, Zoot has you covered. Helping you comply with regulations is a critical aspect of what we do. To comply with current and emerging requirements, it’s important to work with a company that remains aware of new developments and is ready to help you meet what lies ahead. Our innovative software solutions are designed to protect you against risk while helping you comply with regulations.


Our hosted technology provides user-authorised access to the tools your team needs to do their jobs and allows top-down transparency across the business. The technology platform easily adapts to your processes and business rules, scales to meet demand, and can be continually updated with the latest regulatory requirements. When using our technology solutions your team has access to the information and applications they need in a completely secure environment.


Streamline your origination process and offer paperless lending anytime and anywhere with Zoot’s origination solution. Our comprehensive all-in-one solution helps financial institutions achieve excellence in multichannel application distribution. Zoot’s origination solution enables rapid and effective origination across multiple markets, segments and channels, with high-quality customer experience and optimised collaboration between borrowers, partners and lenders. With a complete automation process, considerably fewer resources are necessary to move existing applications through the system – freeing up your staff to concentrate on higher value-adding tasks.

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Data acquisition

The dynamic financial services environment demands that your business makes intelligent decisions to maintain its competitive advantage. With the tremendous volume of data available, it is critical to cut through the noise to find and utilise the most valuable data to meet your specific business needs.

Zoot’s data acquisition solution allows you to choose from a vast ocean of data and service providers, giving you the power to identify the best strategy for growth – based on data, not guesswork.

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credit risk analysis

Instant decisioning

Using real-time data, Zoot’s instant decisioning solution allows you to immediately gain an accurate picture of the financial health of your customers and calculate how much credit to extend. Offer credit to your customers under your own brand with a convenient, streamlined user experience. A robust, flexible set of decisioning capabilities and data assets can help deliver more relevant offers and improve responses across multiple channels. Through our simple, online application, you can confidently approve customers while enhancing the customer experience. With Zoot’s instant decisioning solution you will quickly discover insights, make optimal decisions and execute innovative customer strategies.

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Fraud detection service

Today’s banking customers have high expectations for their relationship with their financial service providers. Consumers expect a personal, yet convenient relationship with their banks, and the ability to interact with advisors through the same channels they use to stay connected with friends and family. This multichannel interaction presents a challenge for banks – to rapidly detect and prevent complex fraud schemes to minimise losses, maximise customer trust and reduce reputational risk. With Zoot’s fraud solution, financial institutions can deploy a variety of fraud detection scenarios extending across channels, lines of business and customer lifecycle stages – ensuring constant customer protection.

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