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Zoot’s origination solution delivers a fully integrated, end-to-end lending process. From application capture to decisioning and credit scoring with integrated case management, to data service provider integration and documentation generation with e-signature, all with an unprecedented level of control and flexibility. Not only do we support you with powerful tools and robust integrations, we reduce your time to market with new and updated strategy, maximising solution benefit from initial deployment to ongoing improvement.

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Our origination solution can help you...

  • Originate and close more applications with fewer resources
  • Deliver strategy changes rapidly to reduce cost and realise business benefit more quickly
  • Increase the rate of fully automated approvals by exploiting integrated decisioning and case management
  • Deploy cross-sell strategies to deepen customer relationships
  • Turn Consumer Duty into market opportunity through innovation and rapid response to change

Zoot created a plan and delivered a new system within very tight timescales to ensure the continuation of service to our customers. This kind of attitude and success of delivery was evident in their ongoing engagement versus other providers we had, this was incredibly important to VBG’s transformation and path to success.

Steven Schools
Head of Procurement and Supplier Management at Vanquis Banking Group

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    Loan origination automation to save time, money, and risk

    Our loan origination solution improves customer engagement, operationalises risk analysis, and maximises profitability. Whether we are dealing with loan origination for SMEs, large commercial companies or consumers, our user-friendly cloud digital origination solution allows the signing of more loans in less time and with less staff. Even with your own documents and methods, automating much of the origination process helps you achieve better efficiency.

    Loan origination made simple with our platform

    Our fully integrated origination technology truly streamlines your financial institution’s loan origination process from data to decision to offer. It removes the headache of integration of components from multiple loan origination system vendors reducing the cost of implementation and ongoing maintenance as you change and add functionality.

    Comprehensive loan origination platform

    Zoot offers industry-leading origination technologies that improve efficiency and lower costs at every stage of the loan process

    Unlike other loan origination system vendors we provide a comprehensive suite of digital origination tools to meet the needs of a wide range of lenders, allowing them to streamline their lending operations while also strengthening their customer relationships. This is true whether you are looking to replace commercial, mortgage or consumer loan origination software. 

    Comprehensive digitalisation of processes to automate decisions and workflows and integrate paperless processing delivers the efficiencies you need to scale your business.

    Automated processing and evaluation reserves human expert review for complicated, high-value cases thanks to the implementation of segmentation by customer data, risk, policy, and complexity. Employees can focus on client relationships, growing the business, and data analysis, driven from a single solution. 

    ​​Entry application, external data acquisition, automated credit decisioning, integration with internal core systems, documentation and task tracking, underwriting, reports, e-signatures and payments are available in all-in-one Zoot origination solution. 

    It’s simple to use, has a cloud-ready architecture, and can be configured to use any device. It also offers automatic onboarding and real-time credit decisions.

    What does loan origination software mean?

    With the implementation of a lender’s unique loan approval rules and risk analysis criteria, the loan origination system automates the loan origination process. This eliminates the need for human calculations and speeds up credit approval. Document verification, loan processing, credit approval, and loan sanctioning are all stages of the loan-service cycle that loan origination system manages and automates.

    Our loan origination system offers the following features:

    1. Digital application journey
    2. Decisioning
    3. Data
    4. Underwriting screens
    5. Direct user control of datastore real-time change capability
    6. Contract generation
    7. Product configuration
    8. Pricing calculation
    9. E-signature
    10. Reports
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