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The concept of a “merchant” has changed dramatically. Consumers are increasingly abandoning cash in favour of electronic commerce and peer-to-peer money transfer services, a transformation accelerated by the pandemic. To remain competitive, businesses must offer their customers the choice of paying for goods and services using credit cards, debit cards, and other alternative electronic payment methods.

This changes the market dynamics for merchant acquisition with a higher proportion of small businesses and self-employed individuals in the portfolio, who may also have limited trading history, alongside more established business profiles. In a highly competitive sector the merchant onboarding process needs to be smart and cost-effective for any type of business.

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Merchant onboarding solution capabilities

  • Predict the likelihood of fraud-targeted merchant behaviour, bankruptcy, and attrition risk among existing merchants.
  • Measure merchant compliance with card associations in both organisational and periodic views.
  • One platform for all merchant types and sizes
  • All online data sources accessible to plug into risk and profit strategies
  • Integration with machine learning for deployment of sophisticated predictive models

Our goal with the G2 Compass Score is to help financial institutions grow faster and mitigate more risk upfront. The integration of the G2 Compass Score and Zoot’s world-class credit decisioning solutions accelerates these benefits significantly.

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    Zoot’s Merchant acquisition solution

    Zoot’s sophisticated solution offers the most comprehensive tools and strategies for acquiring and monitoring merchants . Our cutting-edge technology allows merchant acquirers to be smarter and more effective in their initial merchant screening and continuous monitoring. By providing access to all online data sources available, Zoot’s merchant onboarding solution allows you to process all merchant types, from one person businesses, where personal credit history is often the best indicator of risk, to established large companies, where automated processes will reduce the need for manual intervention and workflow.

    To support operations at scale, Zoot also interfaces to your machine learning platform of choice to operationalise sophisticated risk, fraud and behavioural models. Our digital merchant onboarding is the platform for optimised risk and profit decisions delivered in the shortest possible time.

    Zoot’s merchant monitoring system includes real-time fraud detection as well as managed batch processes to regularly review merchant status, for example for anti-money laundering purposes. It uses proven technologies to build and implement specific strategies that reduce losses while improving the customer experience, from detection to prevention.

    Our technology is tried and proven, extremely trustworthy, and built with security and scalability in mind.

    Modernise your merchant onboarding process

    Our merchant onboarding solution provides financial institutions with an end-to-end platform for managing their merchant onboarding and monitoring processes. The Zoot software will assist you in increasing profits and improving the client experience. Using our cutting-edge technology, you will be able to acquire more merchants and reduce efforts on operational activities.

    What is merchant acquisition?

    The merchant acquisition is an essential part of the card payment transaction procedure. Digital merchant onboarding refers to a set of checks that need to be made to  allow merchants  to accept credit or debit card payments. Acquirers serve as a link between merchants, issuers, and payment networks, offering authorisation, settlement, dispute management, and information services to merchants.

    Merchant acquirers face increasing concerns in the constantly changing global payments ecosystem, which also brings new opportunities. With Zoot solutions, you can modernise your merchant acquisition and improve your customers experience.

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