Zoot’s Enterprise Cross-Sell solution

It’s more important than ever to improve the customer experience and build deeper customer relationships to build consumer trust and loyalty with your financial institution. Zoot’s Enterprise Cross-Sell solution enables financial institutions to enhance the customer experience — increasing retention of customers.

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The Zoot Cross-Sell solution helps you to:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase customer retention
  • Better know your customer behaviour
  • Increase wallet share
  • Organise your marketing and sales initiatives
  • Expand product penetration

Zoot’s solution is very attractive to financial services companies that want to extend real-time offers of credit across multiple channels.

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    What is Enterprise Cross-Sell?

    Enterprise Cross-Sell is about building a full picture of the relationship between your business and your customers allowing you to offer them products and services that meet their financial needs. Deepening that relationship wins you market share, increases customer loyalty and reduces your acquisition costs. You can do it using Zoot’s Enterprise Cross-Sell solution, and you’ll benefit from a unified, integrated customer view as well as additional revenue opportunities.

    You can build accurate consumer segments based on need, behaviour or other variables to advertise different products and services. This highly efficient strategy can help you leverage credit cross-sell to retain your customers and expand your business.

    How Does Cross-Sell work?

    It is common to see credit products within a single business being managed in silos, either because of legacy infrastructure, or because the existing customer dimension adds a further level of complexity when starting up a new product. Subsequent efforts to build the full customer picture can then become tactical projects underpinned by inefficient processes that don’t achieve the benefits of being truly customer-centric.

    Enterprise Cross-Sell is the tool that brings information from different portfolios together along with external data to create a true customer view which then drives effective marketing of additional products and services, and streamlines the origination process with a shorter customer journey, or even pre-approvals.

    We know that cross-selling is one of the most efficient sales strategies and Enterprise Cross-Sell is your route to achieving this in your organisation.

    Credit cross-selling solution

    Cross-selling is one of the most straightforward ways for many businesses to expand. You understand your customer’s requirements and goals once you have built a relationship with them by delivering smooth and uninterrupted customer journeys, and additional revenue is generated by providing a better or complementary product or service that best fits their needs. Both you and your customers benefit from effective cross-selling.

    With our decisioning solutions for the finance and banking industry, you can configure credit cross-sell alerts and automate your credit cross-sell offers to be presented during customer applications.

    Acquire, segment and model data

    You can forecast your clients’ future needs by segmenting and analysing your customer data then operationalising the knowledge by interfacing to your chosen machine learning platform.

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