Zoot unveils innovative consumer finance solution


Leeds, UK / Frankfurt, Germany / St Gallen, Switzerland / Bozeman, USA, 24.01.2024

Zoot announces the launch of its latest ground-breaking solution designed to deliver unparalleled success in the ever-evolving world of consumer lending.

Zoot proudly introduces its innovative Consumer Finance solution, aimed at transforming the lending experience. The goal is clear – to achieve high acceptance rates, ensure an exceptional customer journey, and foster a profitable environment for lenders. In an era marked by high complexity and constant regulatory evolution, success in Consumer Finance demands agility, flexibility, and speed.

Zoot’s cutting-edge solution excels at seamlessly integrating customer interfaces, credit decisioning, access to national and international data provider, and underwriting.

The Consumer Finance solution is engineered to simplify the lending process, reducing barriers for both lenders and borrowers. Zoot ensures an attractive experience for all stakeholders through its intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Mischa Schmierer, VP Solutions and Services, commented, “Zoot’s modular design allows customers to only use what is needed and add further modules on demand. In addition, modules can be tailored by our clients’ users with our easy-to-use visual design tool.”

Adam Jackson, Managing Director UK, commented, “Consumer lending is a high-volume business and lenders need resilient yet agile technology to cope with market demands. Our robust, ready to run modular solutions are extremely quick to deploy but easy to configure for individual client requirements. Even complex changes, such as adding new data provider APIs, are completed within minutes – rather than the weeks necessary for traditional software providers or internal IT teams.”

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