Zoot provide cutting-edge origination and risk management decisioning platforms to two major auto-finance providers

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Leeds, UK / Frankfurt, Germany / St. Gallen, Switzerland / Bozeman, USA – September 12, 2017— Zoot, a global provider of advanced instant credit decisioning, risk management, loan origination and case management solutions, announced today the signing of new clients in the Auto Finance Industry. Four major auto lenders already use Zoot´s technology to support their lending process and the new clients chose Zoot both to improve their traditional auto-financing business and also to support the rollout of digital services to their customers.

Erik Schmidt, Zoot´s European CEO commented, “The motor finance industry has been a strategic focus for Zoot for many years but it has never been a more important time for lenders to harmonise strategy and streamline operational complexity. To achieve consistent decisions it is important to choose a technology platform that can ensure a flexible balance between central and decentralised business unit control and make it fast to implement checks and measures to comply with the respective legal regulations in different markets.

Adam Jackson, Zoot’s Managing Director stated, “Time-to-market to re-configure a product or launch a brand new offering is key to our motor finance clients. Our flexible technology includes live connections to over 150 data sources to ensure time to market is kept to an absolute minimum. Capturing the best data for a decisioning processes is extremely important for the international auto finance market, and while this can often be time consuming and expensive for an internal IT team, our data agnostic approach allows our clients to instantly leverage the best data in their international markets to optimise conversions for a particular product, territory or even a specific demographic.”

Zoot also help auto-finance providers optimise the digital journey of their customers, e.g. travel bookings, car sharing, entertainment services etc. Adam Jackson commented, “with the increasing importance of digital services, the auto-lender must be ready to handle a transactional shift where a significantly higher proportion of transactions will be seen but with much lower individual value. Fraud and KYC are therefore important components and a cloud based platform is ideally suited to provide the scale needed to balance risk and fraud within these lower value transactions. Zoot have learned important lessons in this area from many years supporting leading eCommerce and FinTech companies who can process in excess of 350 transactions per second and this experience is vital. Any system supporting digital services has to be extremely flexible, very robust and built to handle billions of transactions a year.”

About Zoot
For over 25 years, Zoot Enterprises has been a global provider of advanced origination, acquisition, and decision management solutions. Its customer-centric tools and services enable Zoot’s clients to add value and differentiation, while providing nimble, scalable solutions to specific business objectives. A leader in the fintech industry, Zoot’s cloud based secure processing environment delivers millisecond real time decisions accessing hundreds of cutting edge data sources to help reduce risk and increase conversions. The company’s international client base includes major financial institutions, retailers and payment providers. Zoot – From Data to Decision.  For more information, please visit http://www.zootsolutions.eu In the UK call +44 113 2468693 and in Germany call +49 69 405667715.

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